At the risk of upsetting my Facebook friends…


Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret

I’ve seen a lot of snow pictures from my friends in the north on Facebook lately, and I’m starting to feel left out. It’s the Indiana girl in me, I guess. You can take the girl out of Indiana, but, well, you know how it goes… Now, some of my Facebook friends have threatened to delete me or hide me from their page if I post anymore photos from the sunny beach.  I am certain they are just teasing because WHO would want to delete their friend in Florida who is jogging to the beach in 70-80 degree weather every morning and sharing beautiful beach pics while they are digging their car out of ten inches of snow and freezing to death? 😉 But seriously, I’m really jealous of those snow photos my friends are sharing. I love the snow! And the photos this year are great… I’ve seen snow-covered trees, sledding adventures, and someone even made a snowman to look like the snowman ‘Olaf’ in the new Disney movie, “Frozen.” Wow, that was creative…

So, I haven’t got any snow, just a little rain lately, but in an effort to join in the snow pictures and not irritate my northern pals, I took a couple shots of this SNOWY egret, hanging out at the beach.  Yes, technically, it is a beach picture, but the SNOWY bird has to count for something, right???  I mean, the Snowy Egret is the closest thing we’ve got to snow here in Florida. Well, besides the snow birds.  You know, the people kind.  So, here I am- at the risk of deletion- joining in the fun and sharing my snow pictures.  I won’t bother you with details about the warm breeze, the sunny day, the gentle sound of waves lapping the shoreline or how warm it was when I took these photos.  Who needs all of those boring details?  Just focus on the SNOWY egret.  😉  I hope I haven’t upset any of my shivering snowed-in friends up north again! 😉

2 thoughts on “At the risk of upsetting my Facebook friends…

    • I’m sorry, Heather!!! I’ll be sweating in awful heat and dealing with the rainy season here and all of it’s storms before you know it! Maybe I’ll head to Canada and visit you…if you don’t delete me of course! 😉 Congrats on the new novel and website, btw! 🙂


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