Thirty minutes to spare…


My husband took us to the Naples Pier a couple of weeks ago, and though we didn’t stay long, it was one of the best mornings I’ve had in a while.  I had no idea about the spectacular display of beautiful wildlife awaiting me.

When we fist started down the pier, the water appeared deceptively calm.  The kids were impressed with the fishermen lining the pier on either side, the fish cleaning area was especially grotesque but interesting for them, and of course, their GPS trackers kicked in and they quickly spotted the ice cream stand.

After a minute or two, we spotted a dolphin swimming around the pier, but wait…not just one dolphin…lots of dolphins.

The kids immediately forgot about the ice cream, (okay, for about thirty minutes).  But what a time we had…

The kids ran back and forth, pointing to each dolphin that emerged and then disappeared into the water, shouting with excitement, “Look, another one!”  Charles kept up with them, oh so kindly I might add, making sure no one went over the edge trying to get a closer look.  And what did I do for those thirty minutes?  Well, I attempted to get a photo of one of the magnificent dolphins swimming around the pier.

As you can tell, I never got a head shot, but this amateur will take what I got.  We would have stayed longer, but after about thirty minutes, the kids remembered the ice cream stand, and well, if you’re a parent, or uncle, or aunt, or someone who takes care of kids, you know about the magical effect ice cream has on them…

Now, I don’t work in the tourism industry for Southwest Florida, but I simply have to encourage you, if you are ever in the area, a trip to the Naples Pier is worth your time…even if you’ve only got thirty minutes to spare.


It looked pretty calm when we first arrived…


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