Kindle book deal $0.99 for MARRYING MISSY

“While at first I couldn’t explain how Tate could possibly be friends with someone as vapid and narcissistic as Missy, the author makes a point over the course of the book that true friendship, however mismatched, isn’t explicable. It’s a chick power story that will keep you hooked…” ~Kelly I. Hitchcock, Author of The Redheaded Stepchild

Author Sarah Elle Emm

MARRYING MISSY is on Sale in Kindle books for only $0.99!  (Kindle apps available for I-pads, I-phones, PCs, etc.)


“A cute romantic novel–a quick read. A delightful way to spend an afternoon if you just want to be entertained.” ~ Amazon custom

A Story That Captures the Essence of True Friendships…Sarah Elle Emm’s debut novel, “Marrying Missy” is a tribute to long-lasting friendships, especially those that have undergone numerous trials and yet remain steadfast. Her book reinforces the fact that those who find such relationships during their lifetime are quite fortunate, as shown in this wonderful story of main characters, Missy and Tate.  From the opening paragraphs, Ms. Emm skillfully drew a picture of a catty and self-centered bride-to-be, and a patient and caring matron-of-honor that I was left wondering how the two could be such close friends. My heart repeatedly went out to Tate…

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