There’s something about a pelican…


I love watching pelicans fly.  And maybe I’ve seen one too many animated films, but they strike me as goofy, and I can easily imagine them chatting away with a Disney princess or cartoon hero.

My seven-year-old sighs wistfully when she sees a pelican, or any bird, fly by.  “I wish I could fly, Mom.”

Her little sister echoes in agreement.  “Yeah, me too.  I wish I could fly, Mom.”

Needless to say, I usually join in, “Yeah, me too.  Wouldn’t that be cool?”

We’ve had our fair share of, “If I were a bird…” conversations.  Where would we fly, what kind of bird we would be, and though I tease them that I would obviously be a graceful, sophisticated bird, like a swan, ha, ha, ha, I think Audrey and Sabrina would disagree.

In fact, Audrey just came home from school a few days ago telling me how silly her music teacher is.  I said, “Really?”  And she said, “Yeah, he’s goofy– just like you, Mom!”


That’s my word for pelicans.

So much for being a swan.  Of course, there’s just something about a pelican.  And I really do like watching them fly.  So maybe, if I were a bird, I’d be a pelican…    😉


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