The next chapter of this adventure…

Swallow tailed Kite

baby gator





For the past two months, I have been TRYING to get a photo of the Swallow-tailed Kite… unsuccessfully. I have spotted this elusive bird over the landscapes of Sanibel a lot lately since this is their time of year to nest in SW Florida. I can’t tell you how many times I have jumped out of my car and gone into the woods after a photo, and the only one I got is a bit blurry. (See below.) My friend, Dianna, spotted me in her neighborhood chasing after this bird a couple of weeks ago and informed me that since then she has seen the kite all of the time. So when I told her that the exciting adventure that is MY LIFE is moving my family from Sanibel Island to Marco Island this week, she invited me over to go on one last Swallow-tailed Kite seeking adventure.

I did not get a photo of the bird. We saw it twice, but I am not that skilled of a photographer. I am still learning.

So, on my last day on this island, before I move to island number four, I will share with you my one blurry Swallow-tailed Kite photo and a few of the photos I took on my hike with Dianna. I have seen the kite soaring over the skies of Naples near my soon-to-be home on Marco Island, so I am sure I will continue to seek this photo. I am also sure that since I am moving only an hour away, I will return to visit my beloved Sanibel.

It has been an amazing year on Sanibel Island. I joked around from the first week here that I would retire on this island. Who knows, maybe retirement will bring my family and I back some day. In the mean time, farewell Sanibel. Marco Island is calling my name, and I can’t wait to begin sharing photos from the next chapter of this adventure. 🙂

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