Once upon a time I was ‘that girl’…


Once upon a time I was ‘that girl’… You know the one.  The one who would scream her head off if she saw a snake.  I would even hide behind my hands if I saw one on TV.  Yeah, you know the type of girl I’m talking about.  I revealed a couple of up close snake ‘incidents’ on my former blog site in a post called Snakes on the Brain, and I encourage you to discover what happened on two separate occasions when snakes got INSIDE of my living room.  The memory of Charles pumping his shotgun in response to my frantic screaming still makes me chuckle.  It was, after all, not an incident requiring the use of guns, but like I said, I was that girl, and honey, let me tell you I’ve got a good scream on me.

Now before I get Snake Lovers Unite on me about how this snake I photographed is only a Black Racer and not in any way, shape, or form a threat to me, let me say…well, I know that.  I also know racers are ‘good snakes’ and how the whole story goes about snakes being more afraid of people, ya da ya da ya da, and I AM thankful this former ‘that girl’ hasn’t come across a venomous snake in Florida…yet.  But come on, people, give a girl some credit!  When I saw this snake in the grass I didn’t run, scream, wince, freeze in paralytic fear, or pack my suitcase and head north.  What did this former ‘that girl’ do?  Well, I took photographs of course, and the snake wasn’t the only critter frolicking beside the water in paradise on a lazy Saturday afternoon…Hope you enjoy the photos! 🙂

Love always, from a former ‘that girl,’

Sarah 😉


Double-crested Cormorant

Double-crested Cormorant and ducks

8 thoughts on “Once upon a time I was ‘that girl’…

  1. Happy to give you credit – snakes are fascinating though generally quite unpleasant. You’ve obviously come a long way, so where exactly is this journey of transformation taking you?


    • First of all, Lyle…THANK YOU for the credit. I have matured so much. 😉
      Who knows where this journey might lead. (Straight to the crazy house?) It is an ongoing adventure of self-discovery. Since moving to the Sunshine State, I have gone into the woods after a bobcat crossed the road, gone outside in my bath towel twice after snake photos, and nine times out of ten go first for my camera instead of screaming when I encounter a scorpion inside of my bedroom. I actually startled a gator recently, and it ‘jumped’ into the pond before I could get the photo. My husband looked at me a few months ago after one of these incidents and asked, “What has happened to you???” Of course, truth be told, ‘that girl’ is still lingering in there, and if you were to move me to say, Africa, I am certain the girly scream would resurface. 🙂


  2. If there had been a snake, a spider or anything of the sort in our room at Harlaxton, I would have screamed my face off and you probably would have had to deal with it and then get me to come off the window ledge when it was over…so I will never be one to judge you about being “that girl”! You are brave. And you take lovely pictures. Reading your blog makes it seem like I’ve actually seen you in this century, which is nice. 🙂


    • Rachael! Wow! What a wonderful surprise to see your comment. The rest of the stable women and I have been plotting ways to get you on Facebook! Harlaxton must be so depressing without us. Elisa shared the coffee and tea photo from the movie crew outside our window the other day, which sparked a new discussion on ways to get our favorite spice girl on Facebook. Maybe in the next decade we will actually plan a reunion- maybe with you in Minnesota- there are too many snakes here! 🙂


      • I know, I’m pathetic! I do wish I knew what had been going on with people for the last ten years. (I haven’t heard the name Elisa – other than my daughter’s swimming lesson friend, of course – in so long!) Chose a spot for a reunion and give me a little notice and I will be there! I could obviously be persuaded to leave the cold North if you promise to deal with all the snakes and scorpions while I freak out really dramatically. I should probably stop leaving messages on your blog and just join the current century.


      • Please continue to leave messages on my blog, roomie! It’s okay if you never join Facebook…I just got your email, and I will write you a very informative email shortly! 😉 Oh, and I’ve got you covered with the creepy crawlies down here. 🙂


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