Guard on, Guardian…



The Osprey are such amazing creatures.  I see a dozen a day and never bore from watching them.  I jokingly call them the guardians of Sanibel Island because there are so many of them, and they are always watching.  I’m sure they are watching for their next opportunity to snag a fish from the water, which is truly a remarkable and exciting event, if you ask me.  But sometimes, I like to just observe them as they perch on a tree… 

This one looked like the guardian of something.  Guardians guard, watch over, or protect.  Maybe the Osprey here are just trying to protect their place of refuge.  Maybe, they want to remind the humans invading their refuge that this is their land.  If that is the case, I don’t need the reminder.  In the past week, I’ve seen a surplus of gators, scorpions, and snakes.  I know that this island belongs to the animals… 

I might not understand the Osprey here at all, but I do offer up my humble thanks to this beauty that posed for my camera.  Guard on, Guardian… You sure are a magnificent sight.  🙂

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