About that sign…

Gopher Turtle

Gopher Tortoise

Gopher Tortoise

Gopher Tortoise Sign

For the record, I have seen more snakes, alligators, and bobcats cross this road on my street than I have Gopher Tortoises…Of course, I suppose warning signs about snakes, alligators, bobcats (and lions and tigers and bears OH MY) might be a tad too much for the tourist industry of this wildlife refuge.  I get it.  I really do.  And the gopher tortoise I took photos of is really cute, it is.  But just in case you are the type of person dependent on signs and warning labels to guide you along the way, Honey, let me assure you there are not just Gopher Tortoises crossing the street on this island…

7 thoughts on “About that sign…

  1. You get such neat creatures to photograph. As for the signs, I have the opposite problem. The sign will say wildlife crossing and there is never anything there – false promises!


    • Oh that is too bad, Lyle! I guess that means a lot more work for you. You have the coolest photos though, so I think it is worth your efforts. You would love it here. Creatures galore! I remember one time with my parents in Whistler, and there were bear signs everywhere we went hiking. We hiked for three days in the mountains…no bears. We finally saw one before we left…in the middle of town…crossing a busy street! So much for the signs. 🙂


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