With friends like Peppy…


I’d like to introduce you to Peppy, one of my house guests.  Truth be told, Peppy and his family are still disputing the lease agreement that they apparently had with the landlord before we moved in last summer.  From what we were told, we were the only ones renting this beautiful property in Jurassic Park.  (Sorry, Sanibel.)  But after dealing with Peppy and friends since day two of our arrival, I must tell you, Peppy and friends do not want to give up the fight for this property.  I am beginning to think that considering their determination to stay here, maybe I should just let them have the place. They not only hang out in the garage, they like the kitchen, the living room, and I have even found three in the kids’ bedroom. (As if motherhood didn’t have enough worrisome issues!)  I am not sure how the dispute regarding the lease agreement between Peppy and friends and the landlord will result…

In the meantime, I would like to thank Peppy for giving me some true pep in my step whenever we meet.  It doesn’t matter if it is one of his younger relatives or friends or a fully developed scorpion, yours truly dances and is suddenly very alive when I encounter one.  I met Peppy the other morning in our garage as I was putting the kids in the car for school.  Talk about jolting my half-slumbering mind to full awareness.  I’ve reduced my coffee intake to one cup per day since I moved here, but now that I think about it, I could probably forgo the caffeine entirely.  With friends like Peppy, who needs caffeine?

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