Royal Tern

Royal Tern

There is nothing like a walk on the beach to start your day.  Despite my proximity to the beach, I admit I rarely make time to indulge in one of my favorite activities, unless I have company.  I have a daily list, in addition to weekly, monthly, and general lists, and I like to cross as many items as possible off of my daily list each day.  From the moment I rise, I go, go, go.

Unless we have company staying with us.

And now that I think about it, we tend to have a lot of company.  This happens when you live in places like St. Croix, St. Thomas, and where I am now, Sanibel Island.  For the record, I rarely had company when we lived in Indianapolis.  Were I an overly sensitive being, ha ha ha, I might take offense regarding this matter.  But of course, I am not. 😉

Thanks to another chance to break my work routine and schedule, I got to snap this photo of the Royal Tern.  I believe this is a breeding Royal Tern because of the fully blackened crest.  (Thank you, world-wide web for your support in this matter.)

I hope you find enjoyment wherever you are today,whether you are sticking to your routine, crossing items off of your list, or having your schedule rewritten entirely. 🙂

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