‘Creepy things’ find Sarah…

Alligator watching

I hear rumors through the grapevine of vacationers visiting Sanibel Island and never getting a glimpse of an alligator. Some of them have been vacationing here for years and still can’t find a gator. Somehow, I knew I wouldn’t be one of those people when my family and I relocated here last June. Creepy things have a tendency to find me. (For example, I have had two snakes INSIDE of my house over the years, and they were not pets…)

Sure enough, I was right, and as many of you know, I see gators all of the time. It would likely be safe to assume that many gators, snakes, and other ‘creepy things’ see me…more often than I see them. Like I said…it’s life-long, this ‘creepy-things-finding-Sarah’ phenomenon.

When my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Hank were visiting Sanibel last week, I just knew a gator would make an appearance for them…while they were with me, of course. It didn’t come very close, but it came close enough for me to snap the photo above…Lucky Auntie Sharon and Uncle Hank. 🙂

Haven’t seen an alligator on the island yet? Maybe you should look me up… 😉

17 thoughts on “‘Creepy things’ find Sarah…

  1. Sarah I love Sanibel Island and had a great visit last April during my 25 wedding anniversary. We usually stay at the Tween-Waters Inn and I must say I am glad I have not seen your creepy critters. Next time we visit I will most certainly keep an eye out.


  2. Hi Sarah:

    I have enjoyed meeting you but don’t know if I’ll see you again before we leave Sanibel on 3/16. I have read the descriptions of your books on Amazon and know my granddaughters will love them! I couldn’t locate them in the SCC Bookstore, however…


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