Bad Alcoholics, Rain clouds, or Vultures?!?

I’ve seen so many Turkey Vultures since moving to Southwest Florida, flying in large groups around the area, I started to wonder if I was in an Alfred Hitchcock movie…What’s up with the swarms of vultures soaring around me…everywhere I go?  On the road, behind my house…Is this like the rain cloud that won’t seem to go away?  Well, I’ve been reading about my new pack of friends.  I still don’t understand what it is those vultures are up to, but I did get some insight.

This is the most interesting article I’ve seen:

It talks about the vultures flying in groups, sometimes just playing, other times searching for ‘roadkill,’ and some of their other quirky habits.  Supposedly, the Turkey Vulture has a bald head to make it easier to stick its head inside of a carcass.  They have an unbelievable sense of smell.  They strike funny poses, (spreading their wings in the ‘horaltic pose,’) they urinate on themselves, and sometimes throw up if they sense a threat.  Now that I think about it, the turkey vulture kind of reminds me of some bad alcoholics I may or may not have crossed paths with back in the olden days of my travels.  😉  Whatever it is the vulture is up to behind my house, I’m not certain.  There could be an array of carcasses out there.  Maybe one of the nine-foot gators didn’t finish a meal and left something for them.  For now, I think I’ll just watch from the window…

Kind of cute, right?

Kind of cute, right?


Turkey Vultures soaring above my house

Turkey Vultures soaring above my house


6 thoughts on “Bad Alcoholics, Rain clouds, or Vultures?!?

    • Phil, my fridge was down for two weeks, a dead rat decomposed in the wall of my office, and finally, mold forced me out of said office…right as I was meeting a deadline…LOL, if they are trying to tell me something, I’m getting the heck out of Florida…. 😉


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