The Bald Eagle is back!

I’ve said it before, and let me say it again…My Friday nights have changed significantly since becoming a mother, and even more since moving to a wildlife refuge…Here are some new photos of an American Bald Eagle…(They fly over a lot, and this is only my second time to get photos of an adult Bald Eagle.)  Take a look at who interrupted my ‘photo shoot,’ and then feel free to follow the link at the end to read the guest post on my other blog, “My Name is Sarah,” to see what the fly on my wall had to say about this particular evening… 😉

American Bald Eagle

Someone decided to cut my photo shoot of the American Bald Eagle short…

Thanks for checking out my photos of the American Bald Eagle and my pal, the gator…I was happy to get a couple of photos of this particular Eagle and so glad to see another one behind our home.  Check out the guest post by the fly on my wall here, My Name is Sarah…  As always, thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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