Name that Bird…

I am asking for my bird peeps to help me out on this one…I have three photos of a juvenile eagle, and I wanted to say it was a juvenile Golden Eagle, but maybe it’s a juvenile Bald Eagle?  Play the name game with me, and leave a comment.  The fourth photo down is the real mystery for this writer with a camera.  😉

Juvenile Eagle…Golden or Bald? Or am I even close? Help me out experts! 😉

front view…

Okay, and switching birds but continuing with the name that bird…I took this photo of a _____ in the tree with a Pileated Woodpecker the other day, and it flew away before I could get another photo…Is it a juvenile hawk of some sort?  I know that some of you have some ideas, and I’d love to hear them! 🙂

Pileated Woodpecker & ____?

Now, this one I know is a Pileated Woodpecker. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by to play the name that bird game with me.  I hope you’ll leave me a comment below, and I’ll be happy to reply to you…Especially, if you can help me out! 😉  Now, it’s back to that novel…There is a resistance movement in the year 2050 that needs my attention…  😉



14 thoughts on “Name that Bird…

  1. Sarah I’m going with juvie bald eagle on your first pics. Possibly a second or third year bird.
    Your guy in the tree looks like a falcon. Not sure it’s big enough to be a peregrine so maybe a merlin which is a smaller falcon.
    In any case these are all terrific shots of fantastic birds! 😀
    And also love seeing the pileated!


    • Hi, Phil… I was hoping you would have some ideas! One of the pictures I saw in a bird book also made me think Merlin…Of course, I have no idea what I am doing, so I wasn’t sure. I am sure you, however, are correct! Thank you! Hopefully, there will be another opp to snap a photo of this bird…Thanks for your help! 🙂


  2. It looks like a juvenile Bald Eagle, Sarah. I’ve not seen a juvenile up close and personal, but had a close encounter (within 10 feet) of two adults coming at me as they fell from the sky (mating ritual). We have Bald Eagles everywhere on the island. You can bet I kept my pitch fork in front of my face as I crouched down to avoid their fly by…not once, but twice.


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