Chillin’ by alligator lagoon…

I’m not going to lie.  I think this is a juvenile White Ibis, but I have no idea.  Leave me a comment if you know.  I just had to share this photo because I love this fella’s hair-do.  He or she glanced at me on occasion but was pretty much just chillin’ by alligator lagoon, seemingly unconcerned about anything lurking under the water.  Now THAT is the level of ‘mellow’ and or relaxation I can only dream of having.  😉

10 thoughts on “Chillin’ by alligator lagoon…

    • Ha! Phil…I am still recovering from the part where you said it IS a juvie white ibis. I was about to throw my bird books out the window. I can hardly keep the names of my children straight…and I only have TWO. Bird identifying, I fear, will never be something I master…at least not while I have preschoolers in the house and a novel to finish! I will keep looking out for that RFPB! And if I find it, I will contact you first. 😉


  1. I certainly hope this isn’t one of those “right before” shots where in the next frame the Ibis is missing, replaced by a chops lickin’ gator! Beautiful photo to got with a great post, Sarah.


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