The pond chicken and candy corn…

Common Moorhen

The first time I saw a Common Moorhen swimming in Alligator Lagoon, (the dipping pool behind my patio,) I did a double-take.  And then another.  I had never seen this bird before and had no idea what it was.  They show up very often.  After searching through my stack of wildlife books, I identified this bird.  I now know it is a member of the rail family, and it has a name: the Common Moorhen, also known as the ‘pond chicken.’  And here I thought I was the only chicken near that pond.  I was relieved to read one description of this bird use the phrase, ‘candy-corn bill,’ after I had assured Mom over the phone, (the bird woman,) that the bill reminded me of candy-corn.  Mom got to see what bird I was talking about when she came to visit me, and she technically was the one who helped solve this candy-corned-bird mystery if you want to know the truth.  It’s a good thing.  I would have called it the candy-corned duck if she hadn’t helped me.  This is, ‘the big pond chicken’ signing off…  😉

4 thoughts on “The pond chicken and candy corn…

  1. Nice pics of the moorhen!
    They (don’t really know who “they” are) recently changed the bird’s name to Common Gallinule.
    The Purple Gallinule is an amazing colorful bird, keep an eye out for one of those.


    • Thanks, Phil…You see this is why I need an expert to help me out!! My book says that the Purple Gallinule is a ‘close relative,’ but calls it a moorhen…I guess I should have looked at the date on the book..It is a few years old!

      I will add ‘Common Gallinule’ to the tags and labels. Identifying birds gives me a headache. (This is also an issue with my kids, and I only have TWO.) 😉 Not because I dont’ want to know which bird is which- but because I can’t figure out what is what. I have SO many photos I haven’t shared yet because I just can’t figure out which ones they are. It’s pathetic. I know. Thanks for helping me out! 🙂


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