Call of the Wild

Red-shouldered Hawk ‘calling’

Usually, when I hear a cry or ‘call’ like I did coming from this Red-shouldered Hawk this morning, it is coming from one of my kids.  Seriously, my kids sound like hawks or descendants of dinosaurs a lot of the time.  So this morning, I was on my wildlife patrol, (I know…I am such a geek, but I don’t care,) and I saw this hawk.  I pulled off the road, got out my camera, and was SO excited when the hawk called out!  What a cool sound.  (Again, I am easily excited in this stage of my life, I know.)  Of course, Sanibel being the town of Mayberry that it is, someone driving down the road recognized me as a parent from the school and pulled over as I was waiting for the ‘big’ picture.  (I wanted a photo of the Hawk in flight, since the one I have isn’t very clear.)  Obviously, the hawk decided to fly away right as the car stopped in front of me, and I didn’t get that photo.  Guess that means I will be back on bird patrol again soon.  I am so cool I can’t stand it, ha ha ha.  Hope you enjoy the photos! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Call of the Wild

  1. Cool shots of this beauty Sarah! Too bad you missed th eflight but stii great seeing this cool hawk.
    I know what you mean about missing a shot because someone decided that was the time they needed to talk to you.
    A couple days ago I was set up on an alligator waiting for him to do something interesting when a person I know picked that moment to start asking me questions.
    I turned to answer and that of course was when the gator lifted up and opened it’s mouth wide right at me. By the time I turned back around it was over and I missed it.
    DON’T TALK TO ME! is what I sometimes want to say. But are you going to do? Be Rude? Ha!


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