Look at the Hawk!

Red-shouldered Hawk

The curse of Jacque has been cast upon me…  You see, Jacque, (my dear, dear mother,) is the original ‘Bird Woman’…(Well, that’s one of the names I have given her over the years in addition to G.I. Jacque…You can read about my life with Rambo and G.I. Jacque and my first manatee encounter here.)  Growing up, my siblings and I got into the habit of pointing out birds we saw along the highway or road as the Bird Woman trained us to do this.  (I have heard stories of how this bird trait has been passed down over generations…Jacque was taught to look for birds from both of her grandfathers.)  Even as adults, we still do this.  “Look at the Hawk!” we will cheer out excitedly, and whoever is in the vehicle with us will generally give us a strange look and say, “I didn’t see a Hawk…”  We are constantly looking for birds…We can’t help it.  THANK YOU, Jacque.

I think it’s getting worse for me.  Now, I find myself purposefully looking for places I have spotted certain birds before.  I make my way to certain trees…A few days ago, I was on my ‘bird patrol’ when I spotted this Red-shouldered Hawk in a tree.   Kind of hard to miss I suppose.  I was alone when I saw it, but I couldn’t help but laugh at myself as I called out loud, “Look at the Hawk!”  I glanced around.  No one was there to hear me or say, “I didn’t see a Hawk…”  So, I took some photos to share with cyberspace, and in the hopes that someone is paying attention to this post I will once again proclaim, “Look at the Hawk!”  😉  Again, thank you, Jacque…   🙂

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