I-spy a Lizard

Brown Anole, male extending dewlap

Brown Anole

female Brown Anole

Male Brown Anole

My kids and I play the game I-spy all of the time.  Lately, the game has changed a bit.  When we pull into our driveway, I say, “How many lizards can you spy?”  The girls look all around, counting as they spy tiny lizards, excited about the amount they see.

I am fairly certain all of the photos I got for this post were of Brown Anole lizards, male and female.  (Thank you, Mom, for the collection of wildlife books. :-))

One thing is for sure…If you step outside and take a moment to really look around, I promise you that you will spy something moving or holding still on a leaf next to you…

On the day I took some of these photos, I was actually standing near the spring taking pictures of an alligator.  I heard a slight rustling sound in the bush next to me, and believe me when I tell you I was relieved the source of the commotion was just a tiny lizard…Of course, the thought occurred to me that there could have been something or someone else in the bushes playing, I-spy-a-human…So, the big-human-chicken, (that’s me,) took her photos and dashed back inside the safety of her cage.  I meant home.


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