Alligators in the Sunshine State

Gator cruising behind our home

This is as close as the big chicken would get. (Chicken being yours truly.)

The Sunshine State is home to the alligator, and people let me tell you, I see alligators every single day.  No exaggeration here.   The weird part is, I actually look forward to seeing a gator.  The baby ones are a little less intimidating.  Well, they were until I watched a Gator Boys episode…The Gator Boys informed me that the smaller gators, only a foot long, can take a pinky finger off.  I don’t now about you, but I like my pinky finger!  (I happen to like all of my fingers and other limbs as well.)  So, yes, I will accept the fact that I live in Gatorville, and yes, I look forward to seeing the gators, but I will only venture out near their water-dwelling on occasion.  (Sometimes this is difficult as the flowers blooming out there are so beautiful.)  And chances are good that I will continue to hide behind this tree, like I did to take these photos…I don’t honestly think the alligators are interested in me as a bite to eat.  (Seriously, I am not very sweet.)  But I ‘d like to play it safe just in case…

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