Red-shouldered Hawk

Red-shouldered Hawk in tree

I promise I did not cause a traffic accident when I pulled off the road after randomly spotting this hawk in a tree.  I very carefully parked, grabbed my camera, and took a couple of photos.  After studying three of my bird books and searching the net, I am 99% certain this is a Red-shouldered Hawk and not the very similar-looking, Cooper’s Hawk.  Of course, I could be wrong….One of the ways to distinguish between the two hawks is the rounded tail of the Cooper, and as you can see, I did not get the tail in my photos.  Still, the photos I got look most like the Red-shouldered Hawk, as far as this amateur can tell.  🙂  I would have gotten some different angles, but the hawk remained quite still the entire time I was hanging around.  In any case, Red-shouldered or Cooper…I just am SO excited I got a photo of a hawk.  If you can’t tell, taking photos of cool birds and animals in general makes me happy!  The heroine of PRISMATIC would get a kick out of this island for sure!  😉

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