The great alligator debate

Alligator soaking up some rays…

Ibises ‘chatting’ near gator…

Oh, what I would give for a motion-activated video cam outside my door!  Fortunately, I have a camera.  I took a couple of photos and entertained myself with possible scenarios…The ibis birds were in deep discussion, one to the other…”You think we can take him?”  Ha, we may never know.  The birds kept their distance for a few minutes until a golf cart interrupted their debate.  The ibises flew away.  And well, that gator, he or she got back into the spring and disappeared under the water…I’m sure it wasn’t swimming over to my side of the bank, where I was taking pictures.  Still, just in case, since I’d really like to finish the novel I am writing, I took my camera and went back inside of my home.  🙂  Opinions anyone?  What do you think was happening here?


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