Snake over for breakfast

Well, Good Morning to you too, Mr. Snake outside our door!

Evidently, this was his breakfast time…

Snake in the morning

I’m quite certain my husband never thought he would see the day when he said, “Sarah, there is a snake outside our door…” that I would respond with, “Oh, cool!  Let me get my camera!!!”  Honestly, I didn’t see that happening either, but funny how things can change.  Charles and I watched this particular snake digest his or her breakfast for a few minutes, me snapping photos, until Charles said, “Okay, I think I’m going to go back inside the house now.”  Ha, ha, ha…There is certainly never a dull moment around this place!



2 thoughts on “Snake over for breakfast

    • There will likely come a time when I will freak out again, too, Erin. My husband is a bit concerned about how unusually calm I have been reacting to snakes and scorpions lately, but I’m bound to freak out…eventually. 🙂


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