Alligator had a rough night?

Rough night? Early morning photo of gator ‘resting’ on bank…This guy needs some coffee.

Or maybe this gator isn’t tired…He or she is deciding what to have for breakfast?


Hot coffee in my cup, I strolled over to look out of my dining room window and was about to take my first sip of my life-line when I spotted this alligator on the bank.  I set the coffee down.  I grabbed my camera.  “What have we got going on this morning, backyard pals?”  I asked to no one in particular.

At first, I thought…Wow, this gator looks like it had a rough night, sitting motionless on the edge of the bank.  After a moment, however, I spotted a White Ibis getting closer to the bank, and I fought the urge to yell out the door.  “Fly, fly away!  There is a gator waiting for you, buddy!”

The gator was motionless for a few minutes on the bank.  I turned away from the window when my daughter walked up behind me, and when I glanced out the window a moment later, the gator and the bird were gone…

I’m not really sure how the scene unfolded, but I’ll let you decide for yourself…

4 thoughts on “Alligator had a rough night?

  1. Wow, New Orleans, Victoria…I guess it has to be in your blood somehow…the love of gators! 😉 I’m with you though…I hope the bird got away, but that gator does need to eat…And, I don’t want him to get too hungry since I love to walk out to the bank and take photos!! 🙂


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