Baby Gator vs. “The Birds”

White Ibises ‘escorting’ baby alligator away from their hangout.

White Ibises circling baby alligator

White Ibis politely asking baby gator to leave

The White Ibises walking baby gator away from their hangout

You never know what you’re going to see when you look out my dining room window.  Just before dinner one evening during my mother’s visit to our wildlife refuge, I mean home, I noticed a large group of White Ibises turning at once towards something approaching them.  Mom and I wore the same curious expression, and I knew we were both thinking the same thing… “Gator?” 

Mom ventured out into the wild with me to get a closer look.  Sure enough, it was an alligator.  A baby alligator this time.  The White Ibises circled around the ‘baby’ and proceeded to ‘walk’ him away from their little hangout and into the bushes across the green.  Had it been the gator’s mom would they have been so brave?  Take a look at Alligator Walking to see one of the bigger alligators hanging out behind our home.  What do you think???

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