Alligator walking

Gator on the move

Alligator behind our home

Personally, I think he’s rather cute.  Don’t know why he prefers to spend his time watching me from the water in his so-called, “Ambush” position, (thank you, Wikipedia…)  Here he, (or she…hey, I’m no expert, people,) is cruising right along into the bushes.  Must be looking for some privacy…or maybe lunch?

5 thoughts on “Alligator walking

  1. Sarah, This is just crazy, it is walking like it is a dog in its own backyard. I gotta give it to you girl, you have serious nerves of steel. I would be going Crazy!!!!


    • Lisa, I have certainly come to understand that this is NOT our backyard…It belongs to those wild critters. 🙂 It IS crazy…and I do not have nerves of steel…I do not have to worry about going crazy…Mom says that ship already sailed. It is a permanent condition. Guess that makes it easier to adjust to my backyard ‘friends.’ Ha, ha, ha. 🙂


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