Alligator walking

Gator on the move

Alligator behind our home

Personally, I think he’s rather cute.  Don’t know why he prefers to spend his time watching me from the water in his so-called, “Ambush” position, (thank you, Wikipedia…)  Here he, (or she…hey, I’m no expert, people,) is cruising right along into the bushes.  Must be looking for some privacy…or maybe lunch?

View from the 3rd Rock in the Sun…

Bowman’s Beach, Florida

Third island is a charm, right? Well, the house is unpacked, the kids are getting settled, and the next chapter has begun. Now…time for a stroll down Bowman’s Beach…and you know what else? It’s time to exhale…I am feeling good. 🙂

Seashells by the Seashore

Shells on Bowman’s Beach

One of my favorite parts of life on a rock…the pretty shells on the beaches here. Makes me smile. It reminds me of being a little girl and my grandpa smiling and saying, “She sells seashells by the seashore.” These days, my five-year-old is reciting the rhyme. Maybe Grandpa will make a trip to the beach with us when he comes down to visit this year, and we can admire the shells together…The shells here are simply beautiful…What do you think?

Friend of Sarah or Foe?

Think he wants to be friends?

My husband likely regrets the day he bought me my new camera…The camera I am using to create a photo journal of life on rock number three.  Of course, he has certainly been laughing a lot lately as I dash like a lunatic for my camera and out the door to capture a photo of whatever creature is lounging or lurking around our place.  Such as this cute little gator.  Before you know it, we’ll be having our morning coffee together…What do you think?  Friend of Sarah or predator?  In any case, he (or she,) is one of my ‘backyard’ pals…